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Brantford Granite Rocks the World

Brantford granite can last forever.  Granite is one of the most popular building materials and has been used for thousands of years in both interior and exterior environments.  Exterior examples of granite use are many. No doubt you have noticed the uniquely sparkling surface of a building, a bridge or perhaps a monument or tombstone without even registering that granite is the material that has added that glimmering glint.  Chances are you have encountered granite in interior applications frequently as granite use has gained great popularity by discriminating home renovators as countertops, kitchen islands, backsplashes, tile floors, fireplace surrounds, table tops, wall panels and more.
You may have also marvelled at granite in its natural grandeur. One of the most famous examples is Mount Rushmore National Memorial in the Black Hills of South Dakota that is carved right into the granite face of the mountain. Granite is one of the rocks most prized by rock-climbers around the world for its steepness, intriguing formations and long crack systems.

Brantford Granite has Aesthetic Appeal

The variety of Brantford granite colours and variations is infinite. With names like Amazon Tiger, Portofino Classico, Persian Blue, Red Ravel and hundreds more, choosing granite is a lot more fun than choosing paint colours. In addition, the patterns and striations on every granite slab vary and have minute crystal flecks threaded throughout the granite slab, making the surface dance and shimmer when it encounters different light sources.  Granite can be a dramatic differentiating factor for your interior decor and set your home apart from your neighbour.

You and Brantford Granite will have a Long–term Relationship

Brantford granite says permanence and prestige.  What a fabulous combination! When you walk into a friend's home and encounter a sparkling granite kitchen island or enter your doctor's reception area to a crisp, polished granite countertop, a tone of class and professionalism is instantly set.  There is almost a feeling of having arrived.
There is nothing subtle about granite.  Granite says "look at me, look at me”. It is a centrepiece and focal point and will not play second fiddle to any other decor.  That is important to consider as you think of the placement and location of stunning granite in your home or office interior.
Granite is durable, tough and extremely practical for a long-term investment. Although it is not totally indestructible, granite will maintain its gorgeous and elegant look for many decades.  Granite is second only to diamond in hardness.  A granite tabletop, countertop or kitchen island in a busy home filled with activity and entertaining can easily withstand the demands of high use and maintain the same pristine and lustrous look it had when installed. Granite does not depreciate so it will add value to any space in which it is installed. The high-end appeal and gorgeous finish of Brantford granite will make you happy you are in a long-term relationship.
Brantford granite creates amazing interior possibilities for countertops, desktops, vanities, bathrooms and more that are stunningly beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain and have a high resale value.  Granite is a sound decor investment with an enduring payoff.

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